L&P maintains an International Network

L&P employs a network of outstanding professional partners in the EU, United States and Southeast Asia. Most where former top executives in the related industry.

L&P maintains close working relationships with partners in Germany, France, Russia, India and elsewhere that are active in our targeted sectors and committed to our corporate values. From previous business, L&P maintains a global network to first-tier high-tech companies and investors.

Please visit the sites of our project partners:
  • Krupke Holding GmbH, Billerbeck, Private Equity, M&A-Consulting and Investments, see www.krupke-holding.de
  • 4TIME-Consulting GmbH, Vienna - Berlin, Consulting in TIME Market, see www.4-time.com
  • Dr. Peter Kastil & Partners, Munich - Paris - Milan, Corporate Finance and Management Consulting, see www.kastil.de
  • SAXO Equity Management GmbH, Munich, Mergers & Acquisitions,Growth Financing and IPO supprt, see www.saxoequity.de
  • ProMediaVenture, Munich, partner for company creation, organization and public funding: www.promediaventure.de
In memoriam: Dr. Friedrich Baur, former member of the Siemens Central Board and later head of ZF, who passed away in August 2006. He was an entrepreneur up to his last days - thanks!

International Network:
Senior executives or founders form the international network at L&P in the following countries:
  • Inside EU: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland
  • Eastern Europe: Russia / Moscow; Kasachstan
  • United States: California and NYC
  • Asia: India / Delhi
  • Southeast Asia: Thailand / Bangkok
  • South Africa / Capetown